Hear It Here

  While visual perception may dominate the information that flows into our brains… our hearing is the next most important of our senses. As we get older, changes in our inner ear can cause a slow and steady hearing loss. The loss could be mild or severe, but it is always permanent. Mindy Pollitt, Board Certified Hearing Instrument Specialist of Lake Ear, Nose, Throat and Facial Plastic Surgery explains the different types of hearing loss…

Hear The Children

Hearing loss can affect a child’s ability to develop communication, language, and social skills. The earlier children with hearing loss start getting services, the more likely they are to reach their full potential. The audiology specialists at Lake Ear, Nose, Throat & Facial Plastic Surgery explain how hearing loss in youth often presents…

Hearing Loss and Dementia

Age related hearing loss is generally perceived as a normal part of aging and remains an under-treated health condition in our aging population. In fact, one out of three people over age 65 have some degree of hearing loss. What’s even more concerning is that hearing loss has been linked to cognitive decline. The audiology specialists at Lake Ear, Nose, Throat & Facial Plastic Surgery explain that if you or someone you know has difficulty hearing, the sooner you get tested the better your quality of life.

Hearing Help for Men


Ladies, the next time your husband says he didn’t hear you when you called his name… he may be telling the truth…   More than 28 million Americans have some type of hearing impairment and approximately 60 percent of them are men. The audiology specialists at Lake Ear, Nose, Throat & Facial Plastic Surgery highlights some of the symptoms of hearing loss.      

Bumper to Bumper Hearing Loss


A four year study of more than five-thousand people shows that long term exposure to traffic noise could increase the rate of obesity in adults. How do you know if your hearing is at risk? The Audiology specialists at Lake Ear Nose Throat and Facial Plastic Surgery explain the different ways hearing loss presents.  

Women’s Expo


A big event every year is the Women’s Expo at The Villages Polo Pavilion. This year was no exception. The Audiology and Hearing specialists at Lake ENT explain why they came out this year to educate the women of Lake and Sumter counties….

When Listening Leads to Better Hearing


Paige Holt, Doctor of Audiology at Lake Ear Nose and Throat believes that solving someone’s hearing challenges, begins with listening. For her, listening comes from passion, and that passion comes from family.

Veterans Care


2012 marks a new chapter in Veterans’ Care by the Audiology and Hearing Aid team at Lake Ear, Nose and Throat. The Villages offices of Lake Ear, Nose, Throat and Facial Plastic Surgery has been selected as one of only two area referral offices for audiology testing and hearing aid dispensing for overflow clients of The Villages area Veterans Administration. One of the stringent criteria of the VA contract requires that the VA patient must be seen by a Doctor of Audiology. Paige Holt is one of three such Doctors of Audiology on the Lake ENT staff.

Smoking and Hearing Loss


Researchers have known the dangers of smoking tobacco for decades but a recently published report on AudiologyOnline confirms a strong link between smoking and hearing loss. Whatever the cause of your hearing loss, we caught up with Paige Holt, Doctor of Audiology at Lake ENT at a recent health expo she explained how advances in technology and accessories in hearing is changing the way hearing loss is treated.