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Audiology Videos

For more than 10 years, the Lake ENT Audiology and Hearing Aid  staff was featured on the monthly Hometown Health TV, educating and informing viewers on a wide variety of related conditions and treatments. These video segments are from the HHTV archives and are provided as additional information in helping you understand more about your hearing health, technology options and how our Doctor of Audiology, licensed hearing aid specialists and the rest of our medical team are committed to your well-being. As we like to say, “Better Hearing Starts Here.”

Understanding who we are and what inspires us to treat our patients usually begins with a personal story. Lake ENT Doctor of Audiology, Paige Holt, shares hers.

There are a lot of changes in how and where people can buy hearing aids. But face-to-face with a licensed professional still provides exceptional benefits. Here’s a quick education.

Men usually experience earlier and more dramatic hearing loss.  What are the signs and what can be done to combat hearing loss? One of our patients shares his experience.

Hearing is something we take for granted… until we lose it. Understanding the different types of hearing loss and treatment options can help quality of life.

Tinnitus – ringing in the ear – impacts 50 million Americans.  Chances are you are, or will be, impacted. But it’s not a condition, it’s a symptom.

If you’re hesitant to explore the benefits of hearing aids, we understand and you’re not alone.  But today’s are not “your father’s” hearing aids – the advances are significant!

Ear wax isn’t exactly dinnertime conversation, but how yours impacts your hearing, and even your balance, is certainly food for thought.

Do you sometimes feel like your ears have water in them? One Lake ENT patient explains how a cosmetic surgery consult actually brought her hearing relief.

Hearing loss is the third most common chronic health condition in the US.  Exposure to loud noise is the main cause and its often preventable.

Quality hearing and its impact on a child’s development begins with early testing, screening and appropriate intervention.

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