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ENT and Sinus Conditions

Audiology Conditions

Common Sinus Disorders

There are several common sinus problems that can affect your overall health. The conditions that we most commonly treat include:

Sinusitis – According to a study by the American Academy of Allergy, Asthma & Immunology, approximately 12 percent of Americans under the age of 45 have symptoms of chronic sinusitis, which is one of the leading forms of chronic disease with an estimated 18 million cases seen by specialists each year. Sinusitis is the medical term for a reoccurring sinus infection in which the nasal cavities become swollen and vigorously inflamed. The condition hampers the ability of your sinuses to drain properly, causing excessive mucus and fluid buildup within your sinus cavity. A sinus infection is often caused by the common cold, but it can also be prompted by foreign bacteria, allergies and fungal infections.

Sinus Blockages – If the space in your sinus that is responsible for drainage becomes blocked, mucus and fluid back up. The blockage causes extreme pressure within your sinus cavities and can result in difficulty breathing.

Narrow Sinuses – Some patients have elongated, narrower sinus cavities which can mean the drainage space is thinner and may become easily blocked with mucus and fluid. A blockage can result in headaches, pressure within your sinuses, and infection.

Deviated Septum – Having a deviated septum means that the thin strip of bone and cartilage that separates your two nasal pathways is not perfectly centered. Although some patients are born with a deviated septum, most acquire it from trauma to their noses. A deviated septum can cause difficulty breathing or may result in a sinus disorder.

Sinus Sensitivity and Allergies – If you test positive for allergies or your physician determines that you are an allergy sufferer, it is critical to your overall health to seek treatment through prescription medications to manage your condition. Our specialists may be able to prescribe medication that is customized to fulfill your specific needs and provide you with the relief that you deserve. Severe sinus pressure can consequently develop if your allergies are not properly treated, and other critical reactions may occur if you have an allergic reaction.


Throat Conditions

Conditions of the throat can be as simple as a minor nuisance or it could be a major ordeal. Tonsillitis, strep throat, voice disorders and even hoarseness all interfere with our ability to communicate. Many of these conditions can be improved or corrected with the care of one of our practitioners at Lake ENT. While always a last option, we are extremely versed in the surgical treatments sometimes required to resolve such issues. The removal of tonsils and adenoids may be part of your treatment. Minimally invasive procedures employed by the physicians at Lake Ear, Nose, Throat and Facial Plastic Surgery has reduced discomfort and recovery time from months to, in some cases, days.

Speech Therapy Diagnostic Services

Voice not as strong as it used to be? Noticing increasing hoarseness? Perhaps you’re having difficulty swallowing food, liquids or saliva. There may be numerous reasons causing these conditions.

Our board certified doctors can evaluate patients and develop a plan of care for adult patients who are experiencing a speech (voice) disorder or dysphagia (swallowing disorder).

A voice disorder is often a problem with the way the voice sounds. A patient may sound hoarse, have a high or low pitch, can be nasally or even have a denasal sound to their voice. These problems can be a result from allergieschronic sinus infections or even severe sore throats. We use one of the most state-of-the-art techniques currently available to exam the larynx – video laryngeal stroboscopy. This painless, office-based procedure assists our doctors and speech language pathologists in evaluating the larynx/voice box with a telescopic view in order to provide their recommendations.

Dysphagia or swallowing disorders can occur at one of the three stages of the swallowing process: oral phase (mouth), pharyngeal phase (throat) or esophageal phase (esophagus). General signs can include coughing during or right after eating or drinking, a gurgling voice during or after eating or drinking or recurring pneumonia. We perform a Flexible Endoscopic Evaluation of Swallowing (FEES) test in our office to assess the swallowing function. This test provides a detailed picture of the patients throat and assists in evaluating the source of pain, hoarseness or other problems that the patient is experiencing with the swallowing process.

We strive to achieve desired results and look forward to providing comprehensive care at any of our three Lake County, Florida offices – Leesburg, The Villages® and Tavares.

Inner Ear Conditions

Determining The Cause Of Your Hearing Condition

At Lake ENT, our board certified doctors of audiology and licensed audiology and hearing aid specialists work together to offer a wide range of diagnostic and treatment services for the entire family – from infants to teens and adults to seniors. We can determine the cause of your inner ear condition or hearing disorder as well as the most suitable treatment at our offices in Leesburg, Tavares, and The Villages®. Conditions that affect your hearing or the health and function of your ears can be as simple as ear wax and fluid buildup or something much more complex and serious. No matter what your symptoms, Lake ENT’s specialists work as a team to provide seamless, comprehensive, quality care to each and every patient.

Inner Ear Conditions

Consumer Reports® reveals that one in three adults over the age of 40 has signs of inner-ear dysfunction, which translates to 69 million people nationwide. Nearly one-third of that group is completely unaware that they suffer from balance problems that result from an inner-ear disorder. Balance problems – also known as vestibular or dizzy disorders – can result in harmful falls.

In order to prevent falls, particularly those due to inner ear conditions, our team believes that early detection and diagnosis of a condition is essential. It is for that reason that our specialists are committed to providing patients with thorough examinations and quality services that take into account every aspect of their health – before determining a cause and diagnosing a condition. By doing so, our team can rule out all improbable causes and more accurately detect disorders and conditions. The most common forms of treatment for inner ear and balance conditions include prescription medications, physical therapy and lifestyle alterations.

Learn More About Inner Ear Conditions And Hearing Disorders

If you suffer from a hearing disorder or if you have been experiencing inner ear complications, contact the office closest to you in Leesburg, Tavares or The Villages® today. Our compassionate and experienced physicians and specialists have the resources needed to help improve your hearing. Each of our facilities utilizes multiple sub-specialists who can address your concerns and determine the most appropriate action plan to enhance the quality of your life.