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Hearing Aids

Improving Your Ability to Hear

At Lake ENT, our specialists are committed to providing the highest-quality hearing aids available and customizing them to serve your unique needs. No matter what your hearing condition, if your hearing can be improved by a technologically advanced device, our doctors of audiology and licensed hearing aid specialists will work to provide you with a hearing aid that allows you to hear more clearly. Our desire is to provide you with better hearing to the point that you can enjoy your lifestyle and social surroundings without being self-conscious or withdrawn. Because we are an independent supplier of numerous hearing aid brands and technologies, our offices in Leesburg, Tavares and The Villages® are proud to offer a broad selection of hearing aids that can be tailored to your budget, condition, personal needs and ever-changing lifestyle.

Understanding Hearing Loss

According to the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association, nearly 30 million Americans suffer from hearing loss. For many of those individuals, their lives are filled with missed opportunities because of their impairment. Hearing aids can help restore a patient’s ability to hone in on certain sounds and increase the frequency range that they are able to perceive. Over the last several years, hearing aids have become more comfortable to wear, more discreet and more tailored to each wearer. From Bluetooth® technology to water-resistant hearing aids, Lake ENT can likely offer a solution for nearly every situation.

Types of Devices

Hearing aids dramatically improve your ability to distinguish subtle sounds and finer details. Depending on your needs, our doctors can provide you with a variety of device styles to choose from. We offer four types of hearing aids including:

In-the-ear  One of the most visible models, ITE hearing aids are designed to fit and fill the entire bowl of the ear.

Behind-the-ear  BTE hearing aids are designed to conform to the curvature of your ear and improve all types of hearing. The BTE model connects to a small clear device that rests within your ear.

In-the-canal  ITC hearing aids fit within a patient’s ear canal. The discreet device can pose difficulty when trying to change the battery.

Completely-in-canal  The CIC device is even smaller than the ITC model. This barely visible device is more expensive than larger hearing aids and rests completely in the canal of your inner ear.

Our Personal Touch

The hearing aids that we offer at Lake ENT in Leesburg, Tavares, and The Villages® are custom-fit for each wearer. Once our specialists have determined your unique needs and the extent of your hearing loss, our team will fit you for a hearing aid. At Lake ENT, we assure you that once you are fitted for a hearing aid at one of our facilities, we will proudly be your partner for life in insuring that the device fits flawlessly, performs optimally and is continually maintained. We also provide a 30-day trial period for all hearing aids to ensure your satisfaction.

Our office carries traditional hearing aids as well as state-of-the-art computer-programmable devices. Some of the advanced models even come equipped with Bluetooth® technology. In addition, we service all hearing aids and carry a variety of hearing aid batteries.

Contact Us Today

To learn more about which type of hearing device will best fulfill your needs and improve your quality of life, contact our practice today! Our team will work with you to determine a plan that improves your hearing and comfortably fits your lifestyle. We look forward to meeting you, hearing your story and determining a plan that works for you.