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Hearing Disorders
Inner Ear Conditions

Determining The Cause of Your Hearing Condition

At Lake ENT, our board certified doctors of audiology and licensed audiology and hearing aid specialists work together to offer a wide range of diagnostic and treatment services for the entire family – from infants to teens and adults to seniors. We can determine the cause of your inner ear condition or hearing disorder as well as the most suitable treatment at our offices in LeesburgTavares, and The Villages®. Conditions that affect your hearing or the health and function of your ears can be as simple as ear wax and fluid buildup or something much more complex and serious. No matter what your symptoms, Lake ENT’s specialists work as a team to provide seamless, comprehensive, quality care to each and every patient.

Inner Ear Conditions

Consumer Reports® reveals that one in three adults over the age of 40 has signs of inner-ear dysfunction, which translates to 69 million people nationwide. Nearly one-third of that group is completely unaware that they suffer from balance problems that result from an inner-ear disorder. Balance problems – also known as vestibular or dizzy disorders – can result in harmful falls.

In order to prevent falls, particularly those due to inner ear conditions, our team believes that early detection and diagnosis of a condition is essential. It is for that reason that our specialists are committed to providing patients with thorough examinations and quality services that take into account every aspect of their health – before determining a cause and diagnosing a condition. By doing so, our team can rule out all improbable causes and more accurately detect disorders and conditions. The most common forms of treatment for inner ear and balance conditions include prescription medications, physical therapy and lifestyle alterations.

Types of Hearing Loss

Conditions that affect the productivity and function of your inner ear and result in hearing disorders can be diagnosed and successfully treated by our Leesburg, Tavares and The Villages® audiology specialists. If you are diagnosed with hearing loss, then our board-certified physicians and physician assistants will work closely with our audiology team to create a comprehensive treatment plan that takes into account every aspect of your health.

The two common types of hearing loss are conductive hearing loss and sensorineural hearing loss:

Conductive hearing loss occurs when sound doesn’t move as it should through the ear. Many patients who suffer from this type of impairment often feel as though their ears are plugged or clogged. This type of impairment requires a complex examination to be performed so an ideal treatment plan can be determined. Conductive hearing loss can be corrected through surgical and non-surgical treatments.

Sensorineural hearing loss affects the majority of hearing-impaired patients and can be effectively improved through the use of a hearing aid. Sensorineural hearing loss most commonly occurs in aging patients but can be a result of trauma, fluid buildup, infections, and several other causes.

Learn More about Inner Ear Conditions and Hearing Disorders

If you suffer from a hearing disorder or if you have been experiencing inner ear complications, contact the office closest to you in Leesburg, Tavares or The Villages® today. Our compassionate and experienced physicians and specialists have the resources needed to help improve your hearing. Each of our facilities utilizes multiple sub-specialists who can address your concerns and determine the most appropriate action plan to enhance the quality of your life.