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Head and Neck Cancers

Determining The Cause of Your Hearing Condition

The American Academy of Otolaryngology – Head and Neck Surgery reports that more than 55,000 Americans will develop cancer of the head and neck (most of which are preventable); nearly 13,000 of them will die from it.

Many of the symptoms associated with head and neck cancers can also be associated with non-cancerous conditions. Unfortunately, it’s impossible to tell if it’s cancerous or not without an examination. The physicians at Lake ENT can diagnose the condition to determine whether the symptoms are cancer-related or not. Remember – when found early, most cancers in the head and neck can be cured with few side effects. Cure rates for these cancers could be greatly improved if people would seek medical advice as soon as possible. 

If you detect warning signs of head and neck cancer, see your doctor immediately.